Welcome to Yoshukai Canada Honbu Dojo
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Yoshukai Karate Canada Honbu Dojo presents an opportunity to experience authentic Japanese style karate training.

We are dedicated to preserving traditional aspects of martial arts through hard training combined with etiquette and discipline.  Yoshukai karate classes consist of rigorous cardiovascular, core strengthening, and stretching exercises along with intense body conditioning and effective full-contact fighting and self-defense techniques.  Students can further participate in classes of traditional kata and Ryukyu Kobudo (Okinawan weapons).  Private lessons are also available by appointment.

We are currently accepting students 14-years of age and older, and all students are welcome regardless of previous martial arts experience.  Whether it be for fitness, confidence, personal safety, or developing martial arts skill and knowledge, everyone will benefit by training.

Please come join us, osu!


Yoshukai Karate Canada Honbu Dojo mourns the loss of Yoshukai founder and
10th degree black belt, Grandmaster Soke Yamamoto


7th Annual Victoria Cup Karate Tournament

Our thanks to all involved - competitors, volunteers, officials, spectators, international guests, and our sponsors - for making the 7th Annual Victoria Cup Karate Tournament our biggest event yet.  Photographer Erich Eichorn has published a number of pictures online for purchase.  Please visit his website at www.allsportmedia.ca (link to gallery).